What the Characters in Marsha’s Head have planned for 2016

2015 was an interesting year for Marsha Ward and the Characters in her Head. Although they didn’t release any new novels, they did a lot of thinking, planning, and writing for 2016’s ambitious publishing program.

Marsha took a few dings from fate, including a painful bout with what the doc called call tennis elbow, but was really just awful pain in one arm from an injury that prevented her from writing as much as she wanted to do; a nasty fall that resulted in bruising to the ego and the body; and the death of a sibling.

Notwithstanding those slings and arrows, Marsha and her Characters worked hand in glove to prepare for a better year in 2016.

The Zion Trail coverFirst up will be a novel featuring Julia Owen’s first cousin, Elijah (known as Lije to family and friends).  The Zion Trail doesn’t reveal that family relationship, but jumps back to the 1840s to tell the story of teen-aged Lije Marshall’s adventures that begin when he invites traveling preachers to eat lunch with the family. You’ll never believe what happens next!

The ebook will be released in February. If you want the exact date, please sign up to Marsha’s Mailing list. The link is at the top of the sidebar –>

The release of a print version of the book will depend upon reader demand. Use the Contact Form (see menu at top of page) to request that Marsha fight off the Characters long enough to prepare a print edition for you to purchase. Thank you.

Other stories will come throughout the year, including Mended by Moonlight, a heart-warming romance featuring one of the Characters from Gone for a Soldier, and a story featuring gloves.

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Have a Wonderful New Year!