How Much Do You Know…

…about Rulon Owen? Take this little quiz and see how closely you’ve read the Owen Family Saga books in which he appears.

Rulon Owen is Not a Patient Man1. In Gone for a Soldier, how much does Rulon have to pay Mr. Moore for officiating at his wedding?
a. One dollar
b. Two dollars
c. Five dollars
d. Ten dollars

2. What new skill did Rulon learn when he went off to earn money to pay for the wedding?
a. Smelting pig iron
b. Driving a team
c. Felling trees
d. Grinding charcoal

3. What illness struck Rulon that put him into the hospital?
a. Measles
b. Smallpox
c. Polio
d. Mumps

4. Who taught Rulon the skill of tracking?
a. Rod Owen
b. Vernon Earl
c. Garth Von
d. Ren Lovell

TMFS-160w5. What secret does Rulon think he’s keeping from his family when he agrees to go west with them?
a. Mary is pregnant
b. He’s addicted to laudanum
c. His war wounds aren’t healing as they should
d. Roddy isn’t his son

6. How does Rulon use his skill of tracking in The Man from Shenandoah?
a. He finds the Great Bend of the Arkansas River
b. He finds a place where someone watched the Owen wagons pass by
c. He finds Ellen in a snowstorm
d. He finds the correct trail of the kidnappers

SF-pcover-1507. When Pa set out to build a barn in Spinster’s Folly, why was Rulon put in charge of the logging operation?
a. His axe was the sharpest
b. He’s the eldest son
c. He learned to fell trees in Virginia
d. Bill Henry was sick

8. Why did Rulon lose the trail of Marie and Mr. Thorne?
a. Tom Morgan walked his horse over the fresh trail
b. Too many horses had traveled over the tracks
c. He had forgotten how to track
d. A rainstorm washed away the tracks

Congratulations on finishing the quiz! The first person to send me the correct answers by Monday, August 31, using the contact form, will receive a free digital copy of the short story, “Happy Halloween.” Specify the file you prefer: mobi, epub, or pdf.

I will post the answers next Tuesday.